July, 8, 2015

3 Google Analytics Certified Specialists on Board of IM Action Team

IM Action team has expanded with Google Analytics certified specialists: Liudmila Kiseleva, IM Action CEO, and Anton Kovalev, Head of PPC Department. By the way, Oksana Sosnovskaya, IM Action Senior Business Analyst, recently repassed Google Analytics test and acknowledged the certification status.

Liudmila Kiseleva, IM Action CEO:

IM Action CEO«I consider analytics as a key pillar for measuring performance across a mix of marketing activities.  Without profound expertise in web analytics, it is difficult to analyze traffic and sales, which can result in inadequate strategy planning. GAIQ certification enables to solidify theoretical skills and refresh practical insights in handling Google Analytics. Furthermore, GAIQ is a good way to give a lead among executives and top managers, as there are still quite few certified specialists in the marketing area».


Google Analytics certified specialists

Anton Kovalev, IM Action Head of PPC Department:

Head of PPC Department«In fact, I should have passed certification long before, but there is always lots of things to do =). Invitation to join Google Regional Trainer was actionable motivation, as GAIQ was a prerequisite to join the program. I am Google AdWords certified specialist, and Google Regional Trainer Program will certainly contribute to my expertise».    



Google Regional Trainer

Oksana Sosnovskaya, IM Action Senior Business Analyst:

IM Action Senior Business Analyst«This is the third time I have obtained Google Analytics certificate (it is valid for a year and a half). I passed my first certification in 2011. Each time the exam is different, as GA interface and guidelines change at a rapid pace. A few years ago, the exam test was mostly based on theoretic aspects. Now it requires practical background at the intermediate level as well as profound knowledge of GA interface. Generally, regular GA certification helps me stay competent as a professional, as I make sure I apply the latest data and understand key aspects of the system».  

Certified Specialists

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