March, 26, 2015

IM Action Joined Agency Meeting with Google

On 12 March, Google held a meeting for agency representatives at Imaguru business school. It was hosted by Senior Agency Product Consultant Marianna Ber (Austria) and Agency Product Consultant Ivan Grbavach (Croatia).

Participants focused on the aspects of the Belarusian market, cooperation with clients, expansion of the partnership network and advantages of Google’s products for business marketing. The event was notable for opportunities to discuss burning issues in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Here is a brief outline about the meeting from IM Action participants first hand:


A keynote idea that passed through the discussions lies in importance to ask right questions about client’s business, its marketing activities and the role of the web in developing a comprehensive strategy. Commitment to business goals is a typical case for me. Here is a graphic view of this principle:


Oksana Sosnovskaya,

Chief Business Analyst.


I’m pleased to know that our team works exactly in line with processes that Google suggests. Long experience has shown that using a powerful tool to its fullest extent can bring really impressive results.

Anton Kovaleu,

Head of PPC Department.


It was a valuable experience to have a fresh eye on multiple tools from Google. In particular, I uncovered the advantages of Google Global Market Finder that helps to select and analyze keywords in various languages. In fact, it is a great mix of Google Keyword Planner and Google Translate. In my view, it is a challenging idea, though the tool is not yet perfect enough.

Google Trends is another great tool to gauge consumer search behaviors backed with vivid graphs and trends for various industries.

Vitali Bakun,

PPC Specialist.


The event is valuable, as it provided an opportunity to communicate with Google’s representatives and get answers to pressing questions first hand. Just as Google, we share a common idea of client’s collaboration: 360-degree information sharing, analysis of effectiveness and business goals as a starting point for successful cooperation.

Anastasiya Susha,

Account Manager.


I learn much from the discussion on a present-day online purchase cycle compared to offlines shopping.  

The online purchase cycle can be described as follows:

Stimulus is a desire/need to buy something;

ZMOT - Zero Moment Of Truth – is a process, when a customer studies a product online (customer feedback/reviews);
FMOT - First Moment of Truth – is a process, when a customer touches a product in a physical store;
SMOT - Second Moment of Truth – is product testing in service;
Feedback is a customer online review on a product purchased that influences ZMOT of potential customers.

It was noted that everyone involved in marketing should be a part of ZMOT process. It is important to know that SMOT process steadily transfers into ZMOT.

As a comparison, have a look at the offline purchase cycle:


Michael Kareniuhin,

Chief Operational Officer

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