June, 29, 2015

Congratulations to IM Action Certified Google Regional Trainers!

Google has been proactively expanding its presence in Belarus since spring 2015. We have already reported on a specialized agency meeting hosted by Google in April 2015 and the annual CEE Agency Day in Prague that invited top agencies, including IM Action.

A key area of Google’s activities in Belarus is agency training. There were five experts chosen by Google based on a series of tests and specialized training. We are proud to have two of them as a part of our team.  Oksana Sosnovskaya, IM Action Senior Business Analyst, and Anton Kovalev, IM Action Head of PPC Department, were granted Google Regional Trainer status.

Senior Business AnalystOksana Sosnovskaya: „This is a big moment for us, and we will continue expanding market competencies, in particular across our clients. I did a research as a part of a training course, which showed the maturity of our market to offer professional web analytics services. Therefore, Google Analytics training provided by Google itself is the best solution. There are a number of Google AdWords certified agencies, but it is essential to move the market forward by focusing on results-driven business aspects and measuring marketing success by the real profit for business, not by the number of clicks, CTR and SERP. I think positively and feel like working to the new rules and reaching new heights :)”.


IM Action Head of PPC DepartmentAnton Kovalev: “It’s great to know that 2 out of 5 Google trainers in Belarus are working in our company. It proves our high-level expertise and inspires us to follow up our success. Google sees prospects for future growth in paid advertising, and we both think alike”. 


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