April, 27, 2015

Facebook Marketing Summit - Minsk

At the end of April, the Hi-Tech Park held the Facebook Marketing Summit in Minsk. Belarusian businessmen, top managers and marketers interested in growing their business globally were invited.

Robert Bednarski, Facebook`s Director of Central and Eastern Europe, and Clive Ryan, Director of Sales and Client Solutions, were among speakers.

Diana Kostogladova, IM Action SEO Project Lead of foreign projects, shared her view on the event: "I was impressed by the advanced level of preparation and competent summit arrangement. The meeting was quite amazing. There were a large number of challenging and inspiring reports. The main focus was on how to get the most out of using Facebook, Instagram and other social media for brand promotion. Now mobile devices are going to be a leading channel, so it is necessary to take advantage of this trend. Today users are more interested in videos and infographics than in texts. As a result, online marketing specialists should consider it while planning marketing strategies. The main focus should be made on unique features of a brand for customers. According to Facebook’s information, we can get significant volumes of convertible traffic from social networks.

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