August, 10, 2015

IM Action Experts Reported at Kapital Business School

In July, IM Action team gave a workshop as a part of the comprehensive marketing training at Kapital business school. 

first expert reported at kapital business school Oksana Sosnovskaya, Lead Business Analyst, shared a general approach to internet marketing: how to integrate it into a holistic marketing strategy, how to define necessary marketing channels, what pitfalls may appear in various workflows, how to choose an internet marketing contractor, how to track performance and much more. The audience represented by various business areas (from B2C to B2B) showed great interest in the subject matter: “Participants’ awareness of various marketing tools and channels is a major indicator of internet market upgrowth in Belarus. Key aspects of their interest covered features of marketing channels and the ways of their performance analysis as well as peculiarities of cooperation with contractors. Generally, this course was to help trainees better understand their maturity to enter the online market as well as define target audience structure and key development trends”.

As a part of the training program, IM Action Head of PPC Department Anton Kovalev and PPC Specialist Vitali Bakun shared their experience with the audience. 

the second expert reported at kapital business schoolAnton reported on PPC market specifics in Belarus, advertising tools for marketing specialist and business owners. Special focus was made on working process arrangement with a contractor: what to expect, how to effectively build project activity, what aspects depend on a client, etc.  

the second experts reported at kapital business school Vitali Bakun highlighted complex technical aspects of paid advertising. In particular, he explained the rules of bidding systems in Google and Yandex and peculiarities of CPC formula. “The focus of my report was to explain how much and what an advertiser pays for in auction-based systems. Obviously, the information was hard to comprehend, and the reason might be in a skeptical attitude towards paid advertising. It was also great to hear from other IM Action colleagues”. 


fourth experts reported at kapital business school Bogdan Nechaev, SEO Project Lead in the Russian online market, gave insights into key ranking factors and principles of search engine algorithms.   «If a business owner wants to make more sales online, it is necessary to know how SEO works from the ground up”, - Bogdan comments.  Much attention was paid to such aspects as content, behavioral factors and SEO links. In general, there were quite a lot of questions about link building. At the end of the report, Bogdan provided valuable tips on the choice of the right SEO contractor. “The audience showed great involvement in SEO. The audience was highly communicative and asked lots of challenging questions. They were also glad to get additional materials with SEO tools and services for everyday use. After that, I could see how most of them browsed these services on their laptops”. 


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