March, 9, 2015

Liudmila Kisialiova is a speaker at Kapital business school

On 18-19 February Kapital business school in Minsk held a training “Internet marketing. Practical techniques”.

IM Action CEO Liudmila Kisialiova took part in a practical course in digital marketing and shared expertise with marketing specialists, marketing directors, entrepreneurs and startups. Liudmila opened the meeting with a report on process management. During a three-hour training, participants gained valuable first-hand insights on the following issues:

  • Marketing strategy development;
  • Planning of the most effective marketing activities. Tracking tools.
  • Cooperation with dedicated specialists and contractors.
  • Performance analysis.

Additionally, Liudmila focused on successful case studies in our country and held a hands-on training in marketing strategy development.

Armed with knowledge of marketing keystones, participants joined other training managers and studied on-site and offsite techniques of website optimization.

training manager at Kapital business school ”My experience in holding workshops and practical courses has shown that training process is valuable to both trainees and speakers”, - comments Liudmila. “New ideas, a fresh eye on well-known aspects of internet marketing along with challenging questions from various industry representatives – all that boosts new energy and acts as a drive to great achievement for all participants”.

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