March, 18, 2015

Top Most Outstanding Runet Conferences 2015

Are you eager to stay relevant in the latest marketing trends? Do you know how to benefit from cooperation with industry-leading foreign and local market players? Have a look at top 10 most insightful conferences in Runet 2015.

1. SEMPRO 2015, March 12, Kiev

It will be a purpose-specific meeting for SEO experts from Ukraine and CIS countries. There will be a great number of SEO issues at play with advanced reports and workshops from key Russian and European professionals. Only real-life case studies and face-to-face contact.

2. eTarget, March 12-13, Moscow

The conference is dedicated to core aspects of internet marketing and target audience management. Lead market experts will focus on such issues as internet marketing strategies, video advertising and brand image in the ever-evolving IT environment.

3. Delovoy Internet 2015, March 13 – Gomel, March 20 – Mogilev, April 10 – Grodno, April 17 – Brest

The largest offline event in Belarus is going to welcome experts in online advertising, social media marketing and PR. Participants will learn how to get the most out of your website, increase sales based on customer feedback, optimize advertising campaign in post-crisis period and much more.

4. SEO Practicum, March 17-20, Moscow

The annual Russian online conference is fully devoted to multiple SEO facets. It will provide a ground for lively debates among SEO experts and marketing specialists as well as online entrepreneurs and business owners.  Here you can leverage from hands-on tools and techniques to take your business to a higher level. 

5. Bynet Week 2015. Outset, April 14-17, Minsk

Year after year, an international practitioner-driven conference brings together world’s sharpest minds to share their views and insights on online market challenges. Traditionally, conference speakers will report on four major sections: Web Development, SMM & Digital, Marketing and SEO.

6. Russian Internet Forum 2015, April 22-24, the Moscow Region

A three-day away meeting invites lead companies and IT specialists to provide valuable input in development of the Runet market. You will take expert consulting via over 100 sections, workshop and roundtable discussions.

7. iKurilka 2015, April 30, Kiev

Take part in an unconventional online marketing conference in the comfort of your home. You will hear from true marketing gurus who are going to share their perks and know-how accessible to all participant worldwide.

8. Paid Advertising 2015, May 22, Kiev

An ad-hoc conference aims both at PPC specialists and business owners. Speakers will report how to apply multiple PPC tools to plan marketing budget, increase brand awareness and expand the market outlet. 

9. St. Petersburg Internet Conference (SPIC), May 28-29, Saint Petersburg

An annual IT conference provides marketing support to online market professionals and specialists in related industries. During two days of intensive brainstorming, speakers will present innovative products and solutions in infocomms and internet technologies.

10. Russian Marketing Week, May 27-30, Moscow

This is a large-scale Russian show-forum in marketing, advertising and PR. In the context of a four-day event, project managers and digital market experts will take the floor and spread their insights and world trends that have been successfully adjusted in the Runet.

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