September, 21, 2017

IM Action Invited to Take Part in Google Partner Summit

We are happy to share that IM Action has been invited to take part in Google Partner Summit, the annual event Google organizes for its key partners.

Every year Google gathers companies holding the Premier Partner badge at a selected venue to discuss major advancements in the world of digital marketing, share consumer insights and product roadmaps. This year won’t be an exception. Industry leaders from around the world will meet in NYC to share their best practices and uncover new business opportunities. And IM Action’s CEO and founder Liudmila Kiseleva will represent our team during this remarkable event.

What’s on the Agenda

This time the Summit will take place in New York City on September 28th. The venue chosen for the occasion is Pier 36 – a top-tier event space located in Lower Manhattan.

Together with other attendees, Liudmila will have a wonderful chance to hear the speeches of such Google products gurus as Mary Ellen Coe, President of Google Marketing Solutions, Marvin Chow, Vice President of Global Marketing, Jason Spero, Vice President of Global Performance Solutions, Dan Taylor, Managing Director of Global Display and Programmatic Advertising, and many more. The speakers will present their thoughts on major digital marketing trends, and major Ads innovations.

The highlight of the event is the Premier Partner Awards Ceremony. During this part of the Summit, global winners of the Awards will be announced. Then, all attendees will be invited to an evening event, which is an opportunity for all to make new connections and enjoy some free time in the company of like-minded people.

“Being a Google Premier Partner is both an honour and a recognition of our team’s professional talent. I’m proud to represent IM Action at this event and hope it will bring us new networking opportunities and business insights”, Liudmila Kiseleva, our CEO.



Keep tabs on IM Action’s blog till Liuda gets back and shares with you what she comes away with!

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