We have well-defined business procedures that help us set a clear path for achieving your objectives. Our Internet marketing processes are the framework for effective and efficient project management and control over all marketing activities. Each member of our team understands the importance of personal input and shares personal responsibility for your project success.

Our business process foundation

  • Business-minded team of skilled online marketing professionals
  • Dynamic leadership and deep industry expertise
  • Corporate culture awareness and mutual sense of commitment
  • Proactive exchange of information & experience
  • Automation of routine tasks

Our process

  1. Business analysis: understanding your business needs and expectations

    We devote a significant amount of time and effort to learn about your business. It is a two way communication process and we expect you to cooperate with us proactively. We discuss the specifics of your company, customer buying cycle, your processes and pricing strategy to grasp your market positioning and target audience. We evaluate your business goals and business expectations with a reality-check approach.

  2. Niche analysis: evaluating online competition

    Once we understand your business, we start analysing your niche and competition. With the help of competitors’ check-up tools our business analyst digs up for information on rivals’ positioning, overall IM strategy, tactics and keywords choice. We thoroughly research how big your niche is and how fierce the competition is. It is a time-consuming process, as each marketing channel requires an independent competitive analysis. However, it is a crucial activity for further strategy development and promo channels selection.

  3. Strategy development 

    We transform creative ideas and approaches into a set of balanced tactics and techniques. Our proposal outlines consistent implementation of clearly defined IM activities within specified timeframes. We select KPI metrics to control all aspects of your business online performance and provide valuable data on productivity measurements against the targets. Our decisions are rational and thought-out. Nevertheless, we are open to be challenged by your concerns and explain every move we have planned.

  4. Marketing campaign management

    Each marketing channel of your campaign is managed by our niche specialists. Our business analyst and project manager continually monitor all the activities. Depending on your project and market, we apply suitable web analytics tools to gather performance insights and signal rising issues. With our flexible approach, we are ready to implement proactive changes to the initial plan to improve project performance.

  5. Measuring results and reporting

    We take reporting seriously. Our reports are straight to the point and include metrics in compliance with your goals set. We add clarity to available data by providing analytical insights based on our industry experience and expertise to make sure you have a clear picture of how your KPIs are being achieved.

Let’s talk!

We provide efficient project management for any Internet marketing services we offer. Our consultants are ready to provide more information.