We might be a small fish in a big pond, but we are definitely a smart one. Our core team is an accomplished group of Internet marketing experts. We are focused on delivering results and don’t back down from taking responsibility. We believe that listening is an essential part of effective communication. We respect each other’s ideas, experience and vision. We use our expertise and regularly pass on our knowledge to newbies. Along with that we are constantly working on broadening own experience and learning something new. We are ambitious and set our standards high.

About our team

  • Highly-skilled niche specialists
  • Passionate about online marketing and professional development
  • Strong work ethics and communicational skills
  • Flexible, creative and nimble
  • Focused on getting things done

How IM Action team is structured

We have several formal departments to keep the internal structure manageable. However, for every client we form a cross-department project team to look after every aspect of the project and make sure the project gets the necessary expertise and real teamwork results. We have employed the flat project team structure for several reasons:

  • We don’t want professionals stand in each other’s way when working on the project and push responsibility to one another being demotivated by internal inflexibility
  • We employ creative online marketing experts with strong leadership skills, and the flat structure helps them challenge their potential more effectively
  • We solved a one-head-expertise on the project via proactive knowledge sharing and passing on project’s data to everyone involved
  • We also shifted some skills and tasks between project team members in a way that lets us keep up with project’s changes and proactively respond to its challenges

Meet our management team

Liudmila Kiseleva
Founder & CEO

With over 10 years in the digital marketing space, Liudmila has experience in managing IM departments of international companies in Belarus and the UK. Today she is the heart and soul of IM Action. She holds two Master Degrees: in International Law at Belarusian Academy of Public Administration and Digital Marketing from University of East London. She frequently speaks at various marketing events including IBC Russia, eTarget and Optimization conferences.

Oksana Sosnovskaya
Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Oksana is IM Action key business analyst. Google Certified Trainer. Oksana is responsible for coordinating internal business processes and creating KPIs and other measurement metrics for marketing campaigns evaluation. Her former career includes working as a SEO specialist and a web analyst. Oksana’s academic background is marketing with a degree from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. She is definitely good with numbers. She enjoys teaching at SEOLAB training center and often participates in marketing conferences as a speaker.

Michael Kareniuhin
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Michael oversees all IM Action business activities. He is responsible for development and improvement of internal systems that support efficient operations. Prior to IM Action, Michael held a position of Product manager in IT sector where he developed strong analytical, managerial and budgeting skills. On the side, Michael participates in development of two tech start-ups. He holds a degree in information resource management from Belarusian Academy of Public Administration and currently prepares his thesis on brand management modeling to pursue his academics progress. 


Bogdan Nechaev
SEO Project Lead

Bogdan joined IM Action management team in 2013. He leads our SEO department (Russian projects). Bogdan is a true self-made SEO ninja, Runet SEO ninja to be precise. He proved his strong expertise after a number of successful link-building campaigns on various projects. Prior to IM Action, he worked in digital marketing for a few years, running SEO campaigns as a freelancer.  He is a natural born leader with laid-back fun personality. Always spot on with new SEO tactics and technologies, Bogdan spreads his knowledge inside the team and brings his ideas to live.

Anton Kovaleu
Head of PPC Department

Anton joined the team as Paid Search specialist and worked his way up to Head of our PPC Department. Now he is a Google Certified Trainer. With practical knowledge of paid search techniques and budget management skills, he shares his experience with the rest of PPC team and runs innovative campaigns across our projects. Anton has impressive academic background. With history major from Belarusian State University, Anton attended various courses at Michigan University, Stanford University and Lund University.  He speaks fluent English, Spanish and, wait for it, has good knowledge of Latin.

Olga Seryogina
Content Manager

Olga started her career in digital marketing as junior SEO specialist, but her creative side and love for writing won over. She joined IM Action as a copywriter and grew to the position of Content Manager. She has over 4 years’ hands-on experience creating unique content. Olga combines managerial responsibilities with being a writer and editor. She looks after SEO & creative website copywriting and provides guidance and support to in-house content marketers. Olga holds a degree from Minsk State Linguistic University with major in English & German, and she also speaks Spanish.

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