How Social Media Helps in Promoting Russian Business

December, 29, 2014
Author: Svetlana Meisak Category: SMM, Russia

The main role of social media for the Russian business is to establish relations, cooperation and collaboration with existed and potential customers in the local market. Millions of Russian users visit social networks daily. Social media gives an opportunity to contact directly with the target audience and get an immediate feedback.

Here are 5 ways how social media can help your business grow:

1. Brand customization

Social media is a place, where business can loosen a tie. You can become closer to your target market in the Russian market and reveal a human side of your business through engaging facts, news, events and posts that convey feelings behind your brand. The main goal is to draw out the unique features of your brand and build your custom business story.

2. Building brand reputation

Building brand reputation starts with delivering a message that helps users get their perception about your brand. Brand building process covers any interaction with a user, from brand posting and product’s advertising to event sponsorship. A well-balanced mix of social media tools available on the Russian web can help you create a positive company’s image.

3. Growing brand loyalty and identity

We are convinced that the right use of social media instruments can increase sales and generate business, where influence is a core factor. All activities and efforts that you invest help you build online influence that maximizes lead generation process.

4. Reaching target audience

We believe that each message should meet four strategies that can catch potential audience: attention – interest – desire – action (AIDA). We can facilitate a two-way dialog with your customers by creating smart social profiles with healthful content that can help your target audience resonate.

5. Maximizing SEO efforts

Through the combination of SEO practices and social media techniques, you can accelerate revenue growth from strategic marketing initiatives. It is not actually social activity that matters, but how your target users react to what you have shared. Effective social media marketing is a way to both affect users’ interaction signals and get recognized by search engines.

Social networks are in progress. New tactics and tools are going to come. We have studied and practiced a lot to stay tuned with innovative trends across Russia’s most widely used social networks.

  • Facebook

Facebook (FB) is one of the leading social networks that dominates in Russia with more than 30 million Russian users mainly represented by young, open-minded people. Facebook provides the ground for sharing relevant business updates, events and other brand activities that your customers may find engaging and readworthy. Facebook can be used as a full-blown powerful media that influence people’s minds and hearts and yields measurable results for your Russian business.

  • Vkontakte

Vkontakte is Russia’s biggest social media channel with nearly 60 million active users between 15-25 years old. Like other social networks, it allows to post public/private messages, video and audio files as well as share events that provide potential for brand promotion. Vkontakte social groups and brand pages serve as an ideal place for product-oriented campaigns and discussions on topics that can reflect your brand message.


  • Odnoklassniki

More than 44 million users in Russia visit Odnoklassniki daily. The social network mainly caters to users from 12 to 64 years of age and is widely used for brand-related community management and online interaction. Compared to Russia’s Facebook users, Odnoklassniki’s group of target users is less advanced and mature in terms of media use.

By every indicator, Russia’s grasp of social media is much stronger and deeper than in other countries worldwide. With Russians being the most socially engaged nation across the world, businesses have unlocked new ways to communicate with their target users and build social connectivity with them across multiple social networking platforms.

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