How To Promote Your Mobile Game On Instagram?

November, 02, 2015
Author: Alesja Serada Category: Mobile Marketing

How Do Instagram Ads Look Like?

Instagram ads are a great tool for acquiring new players for your mobile game. A typical Instagram ad looks like a regular post, but it has a 'sponsored' label above and a call-to-action button below.

Since September 2015, it became possible to launch campaigns on Instagram in Facebook Power Editor. You can learn more about this feature in the Instagram blog ( Nearly all Facebook targeting options are available here, which is a great advantage.

To launch a campaign, you need to connect your game Facebook page to your corporate Instagram account in Power Editor. If you still don’t have one, you can create from within Facebook. You won't be able to manage comments to your ad post, if you don't have a real Instagram account.

Best Practices for Instagram Ad Pictures

Be consistent. Best Instagram promo pics look like they belong here. They are native ads, after all. To achieve this natural effect, use actual photos, and only the best ones. Create ad posts in the same style as your daily posts.

Stick with photos. Game screenshots or App Store promo graphics don't work well with the personal photo diary style of Instagram. You need to be creative and make real photos that are strongly associated with your game.

Be original. Stock photos are not the best choice because they don't look natural in your audience's feeds. If you have to use them anyway, make sure they haven't been already overused by other advertisers.

Strive for quality, but don't overdo. Crispy clearness in focus, fit resolution of 1080x1080 pixels and appropriate lighting are a must. Professional staging and overproduction will look unnatural in the feed.

Tell your story. Every game has a story, and you can use the carousel ad format to tell it to the audience. Carousels are interactive photo galleries you can swipe through in your Instagram feed. Take your chance to engage your players and induce their curiosity before they have even started playing!

If you need more advice, you may check this guide on Facebook for Business:

Good luck!

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