IM Action Adopts Google Data Studio for Client Reporting

March, 20, 2017
Author: Liudmila Kiseleva Category: Google Data Studio, Google

Recently Google made Data Studio free for everyone and removed the limitation of 5 reports per account. This decision was broadly welcomed by digital marketing specialists and their clients alike, as it provides them with an alternative opportunity to address the issue of data analysis. However, there are still a number of limitations the product has. We at IM Action decided to give this toolkit a try to optimize our client reporting. So let’s explore the application as well as pros and cons of the Google Data Studio as a tool for digital projects reporting together.

Client Reporting Challenges

Currently, companies most frequently utilize two reporting techniques to get an overview of the project, share it with the client and, most importantly, make decisions based on the data analyzed.

  1. Spreadsheets and docs. The limitation of this method is clear – such reports are static and lack interactivity, their nature doesn’t allow them to represent the data in full.
  2.  Reporting in GA. Though online marketing specialists see this method as a simple tool, business owners find it harder to use GA reports to get an overview of project KPIs.

As a result, in both cases key product metrics dynamics are hardly visible to the client, and thus the control over metrics is rather low. This calls for the need of commenting, which ultimately slows down decision making.

The New Approach Benefits

Luckily, the new product by Google addresses these issues, allowing for:

  • Transparency – all key metrics are visible on a simple dashboard;
  • Dynamics – all data is monitored almost real time and over needed time periods;
  • Flexibility – filtering options allow you to see and analyze only important data you need.

Let’s check these features in action.

Charts and Dashboards Examples

  •     SEO metrics examples

As you can see from organic traffic dynamics results over a one-month period, Google Data Studio allows highlighting the most important parameters.


Besides, the tool allows analyzing search queries over specific time spans using data from Google Search Console:


  • Paid traffic metrics dashboard examples

Google Data Studio helps you analyze the results of paid search campaigns broken down by the most important parameters.

1. Overall channel performance


2. Conversion dynamics

3. Geo performance and top performing campaigns


 Moreover, Google Data Studio allows combining these charts into a single integrated dashboard:


 Thus, as you can see from the examples above, reporting with Google Data Studio also gives you some extra benefits:

  1. Branding – you can brand such dashboard with a client logo and their brand colours;
  2. Easy adoption – when you start off with reporting like this, business owners love it;
  3. Focus on important things, not on files formats and hard-to-read tables;
  4. Sourcing data from most popular Google products and other services.

Things to Consider

  1. Data glitches – as Data Studio is still in beta, sometimes the data is not loaded;
  2. Access rights glitches – sometimes a Google account is required to view a public dashboard;
  3. The tool is integrated with most of Google Services, but at the moment Data Studio is not so good when dealing with raw data. For instance, unifying metrics from several sources might pose a challenge, when you use one dimension in one table.

Thus, Google Data Studio could be a very handy reporting tool that we at IM Action are more than eager to adopt. All reports we’ve done so far are based on Google Analytics data; we will try integrating more sources in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates and share your Data Studio feedback in comments.

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