IM Action Attending Marketing Festival 2019 in Prague

March, 25, 2019
Author: Angelina Losik Category: Google, SEO, PPC, online marketing, digital marketing

In our previous article, we were talking about the digital marketing events attended by the IM Action team. The year continues and our team keeps on mastering their skills in digital marketing and gaining new expertise and industry knowledge.

On 22 March 2019 our CEO Liumila Kiseleva and Chief Client Officer Polina Dokuchits attended a marketing conference and now they want to share their thoughts and experiences with you.

Marketing Festival 2019 - Key Ideas and Concepts Learnt

Liudmila Kiseleva

“The speakers were world-renowned experts in marketing and behavioral economics. There were also marketing and digital analytics professors Dan Ariely & Mark Ritson who impressed the audience with their eloquent speeches. They talked about inspiration, things in macro trends that require particular attention, and the importance of having a clear structure in whatever you do, including company or brand positioning.

Besides that, there were some valuable insights, like reports on extending the word cluster with prepositions in search queries, an analysis of adjectives in search queries and their usage in SEO and PPC campaigns.

It was useful to learn about some speakers’ approaches. For example, about various models of content consumption and working with top stages of the sales funnel. He speakers shared an interesting approach of delivering content on various social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

I would also like to draw attention to the excellent organization of the event. The organizers did a great job.”

Polina Dokuchits

“The overall impression of the event is off the charts. Everything was perfect, from issues raised by the speakers to the venue and event format.

The speakers touched upon many topics, some of them were more general while others were specific.

There were several speakers whose insights I found particularly useful, while most speakers shared something interesting and useful, I found their presentation to be particularly engaging:



  • Wil Reynolds talked about intensive publicity and the considerable effort marketers put to bust media hype. He also mentioned that not all modern trends are worth following since they do not produce expected results, for example. Despite much talk about the rising power of voice search, the numbers indicate that optimizing your website for voice search shouldn’t be a priority.


  • Christopher Wylie spoke about the fine line between marketing and manipulating people’s minds.
  • Jono Alderson shared his thoughts on the importance of developing a positive company image and working with users even before they get to your website. He also provided some helpful insights into using platforms other than your website for reaching your target audience.
  • Dan Ariely was talking about the different perception of the same things and concepts by different people. His speech made me think about the great deal of work our specialists do every time to create a report. The client gets only the result - a five-page report but they don’t know how much time and effort was devoted to creating that report.
  • Kirsty Hulse motivated us to stay creative and explained why creativity is actually a skill that should be developed equally with SEO and PPC competence.
  • Mark Ritson spoke about the questions a brand should think about before starting any marketing activities. He also mentioned the importance of working diligently to attain both short-term and long-term results.”



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