Make Your Game Visible On Facebook: Three Rules for Quick Start

November, 09, 2015
Author: Alesja Serada Category: Mobile Marketing

It's a marketing imperative that every game should have a Facebook page. There are several reasons for that: firstly, technical - you'll need it anyway if you game has Facebook integration. Secondly, the marketing reason: the game page is required for enabling Facebook ads. But the real reason is social visibility: if your game is good, there will be a plenty of players who will be eager to express their appreciation by pressing the "Like" button.

How to leverage the marketing power of Facebook to the fullest?

1. Make your game playable on Facebook

It is relatively easy with popular game engines, although older games are to be updated to WebGL. It will definitely help you bring more players in, especially in casual free to play games, because all your marketing efforts will be at least twice more effective. Android and iOS app marketing services are becoming more and more expensive, and Facebook visibility may help you save on paid ads or make them pay off much faster.

2. Present your game with excellent banners and screenshots

At the final stage of Facebook integration, you'll have to add banners, screenshots and an icon for the game. Remember that these images are different from Facebook App Page graphics. You may have slightly different banners for Facebook game account and Facebook App Page. It takes time to review changes in the game account, so you won't update them so often as the Facebook App Page.

Why are these banners and screenshots so important? Facebook will show them, as well as the game icon, in "Recommended Games" and "Games You May Like", which will give your exposure absolutely for free. Screenshots are normally rectangle-shaped, but you must check if they look good cropped as a square, because the "Games You May Like" section sometimes shows square previews.

3. Share great content

If you treat your likers with funny and imaginative pictures and videos and engage them in memorable activities, they will become your brand advocates and share your game with their friends - in real life as well. Creating winning content for social media is an intricate art by itself, and we will talk about it in another article.

Social networks create a snowball effect. The more players you have, the more exposure you get on Facebook. For this reason, you still need mobile app promotion services to get the initial amount of players, and you also need a long term plan and a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. Social marketing strategy will be different for a premium puzzle and a F2P social game, so be creative, be authentic and be free to share your amazing game world with your Facebook fans!

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