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May, 11, 2015
Author: Anton Kovaleu Category: PPC, Russia

When it comes to online marketing in the Runet, especially paid advertising, the knowledge of the Russian language as a native speaker is a must. There is a large number of linguistic challenges in Russian, including grammar specifics and a broad range of synonyms, which complicate keyword selection, text ads creation and campaign setup. Below we explain how to do yandex advertising.

Russia’s leading PPC systems

Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords are the most popular PPC platforms in Russia. Yandex.Direct is an advertising platform developed by Russia’s largest search system Yandex and fitted with flexible russian PPC campaign setup options.  

One of the key differences between these two advertising platforms is Yandex adjustment to capture the Russian language intricacies. Yandex identifies inflected and conjugated word forms as well as synonyms and homonyms.  

As you use Google AdWords to run paid campaigns for the Russian-speaking audience, most grammar and lexical options should be managed manually, including word forms inclusion and exclusion. In particular, it relates to detailed consideration of negative keywords. When it comes to positive keywords, Google identifies misprints and plural forms in them.   

PPC budget

An average cost-per-click in Russia is lower than in the USA, though it depends on a particular region and industry. Paid advertising of products requires bigger budget than that of services. The list of the most competitive industries includes construction and decoration (doors, windows) and equipment selling (laptops, smartphones). 


Runet covers not only Russia, but also Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Even if you target specifically to Russia, you should consider the vast territory of the country. The majority of affluent customers live mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where substantially big budgets for paid advertising are required. As you plan to run a paid search campaign in the Runet, it is important to know exactly what regions your ads should be displayed for. For example, people from Siberia or the Far East are likely to go for vacations to Thailand rather than the Canary Islands, whereas people from Moscow are likely to visit Greece rather than Japan.     

Taking into account Russia’s territory, it is important to carefully develop a paid media plan for specific regions and consider time zones. 

Special attention should be paid to the aspect of seasonality across various niches. In various regions annual demand can vary due to climate specifics. Obviously, demand for winter tires has seasonal nature, but the start period of high demand for them across regions is different. For example, cold season in Siberia comes much earlier than in Krasnodar Krai.   

Купить зимнюю резину Москва:

keywords selection for Moscow


Купить зимнюю резину Якутия:

keywords selection for Yakutia

Paid advertising in social media

Along with pay-per-click, you can drive paid search traffic to a website via social media. Russia’s most popular social networks include Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. The main advantage of paid advertising on Vkontakte is the ability to set targeting attributes, from preferences and qualification to targeting by location. However, it enables to bring a great number of users rather than target audience as such.  

Facebook functionality also includes a wide range of targeting settings. However, Russian users don’t tend to fill in their personal information such as hobbies, preferences and qualification, which makes it difficult to get maximum reach with minimum targeting.

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