Content Marketing. How Effective is It?

September, 18, 2017
Author: Timothy Partasevitch Category: Google, SEO

Content marketing is all about attracting people to your brand, engaging your audience through content and turning them into real life customers over time.

Although someone might say that the phrase “Content Is King” has become a cliché, content marketing is gradually turning into one of the key digital marketing strategies and its importance for SEO is as high as never before. Email content increases open and click-through rates, while your web content improves ranking and encourages conversions. Besides its importance for social media campaigns and blog posts, high-quality and authentic content helps to create trust and authority in the eyes of your audience and establish relations with other businesses and brands. Even though there's a multitude of articles telling about the advantages of having a well-thought content marketing strategy, a company's success is measured in figures, so let the numbers speak for themselves.

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