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Business challenges

The key objective of the project was to get the website to top SERP rankings for the company brand name. The challenge lied in specifics of the brand name words combination that often occurs in game industry.

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Reach top SERP ranking for the brand name in Google’s English-speaking segment.
  • Help the clients who are familiar with the brand name from events and conferences find the company’s website easier.
  • Expand the overall number of website visitors.

Our solutions

  • Thorough on-site SEO factors review

    The client received detailed recommendations on the on-site website optimization that were successfully implemented. As GameArt was a relatively young website, IM Action specialists counted every opportunity to use on-site SEO power for it.

  • Brand name unification

    One of the problems was to unify brand name spelling to a single pattern (words in the brand name werte written separately, solid, or with a hyphen throughout the website). Fixing this was a precondition for successful move towards the key project goal.

  • Content recommendations

    Our experts developed a range of content recommendations, covering creation of text and graphic content for internal and external publications. Placing well-written and optimized content on the website pages helped a lot with getting better credibility to the website from SEs.


As a result of well-coordinated cooperation between IM Action team and the client, we achieved solid results within a short time.


for the brand name

TOP 10

for 16 non-branded keywords


VI decrease for all promoted keywords


traffic growth

Project conversation

Diana Kostogladova

Руководитель отдела зарубежного 'SEO, IM Action


GameArt was a completely new website playing in a challenging and narrow business niche. Key client’s requirements were to increase brand recognition (TOP 1 for the brand name) and expand the number of website visitors, which would lead to a higher conversion rate. We implemented a complete range of SEO activities: niche and competitors’ analysis, keyword research, content improvement, and on-site optimization. Besides, the client was provided with a range of recommendation on how to run content marketing and increase brand visibility, which led to the desired results. As we dealt with a young domain, we crafted a strategy for consistent link building and well-structured anchor cloud development.

The client was very supportive and proactive – their team promptly responded and actively implemented all recommendations we provided. As a result, effective teamwork helped us achieve good results within a short time.

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