Design Center of Contract Electronics Development

Business challenges

The main goal of the project was to expand market reach and gain new contracts in the target regions (Denmark and the Netherlands). 

  • Perform market research
  • Set up advertising campaigns 
  • Increase the number of calls and requests from the target regions
  • Provide training for a customer’s employee and bring the campaign under client’s managem

Our solutions

  • Market reach expansion with new target regions

    Niche market research showed that Denmark and the Netherlands do not have sufficient market capacity to provide the client with a required number of customers’ requests. Our experts included the USA in the ist of target regions, which led to positive client’s feedback.

  • Advertising account setup from scrath

    Our PPC experts provided full range ads account setup and implemented the latest innovations in Google AdWords: Callouts, Review Extensions, etc. Our experts focused on complexity and specifics of client’s services: full-cycle electronics development, including printed boards design, engineering, industrial design and production. On the one hand, electronics development is a specific area that requires fine-tuned targeting settings and profound research in the business area. On the other hand, it is a highly competitive niche with high CPC, which required accuracy in campaigns setup and management.

  • Personalized client’s training

    Niche specifics and advanced monitoring of advertising campaigns helped us solve the majority of issues and reach account stability during the first weeks of marketing activities. Our experts provided a training for the client, covering the key aspects of project management: ads account structure and specifics, campaigns management (key activities and possible challenges), Google Analytics and project statistics analysis.


As a client initially planned to take the project under personal management, our cooperation didn’t take long, though there were tangible results of our work by the end of the first month. 


conversions per 1 week


exact match impressions share


minutes of client training


conversion rate

Project conversation

Vitaliy Bakun

PPC specialist, IM Action


Initially, the project seemed to be quite difficult because of services specifics offered by Promwad. Keywords were so rarely used that we had to select them step by step. As a result, we decided to expand geo-targeting settings. By the way, it has been the first time in my practice, when I found an online review to use Review Extension in ads.

During the client’ training course I tried to share all essential information for the project. I explained the account’s structure, spoke on possible challenges that I faced at the stages of initial activities and project setup. Additionally, I focused on general aspects of account management.

Generally, I am fully satisfied with the results. It was an interesting and challenging project. In particular, I am proud of final project’s indicators: 3% conversion rate at a low cost per conversion.

Olga Potonya

Internet Marketing Specialist, Promwad

Promwad implements complex engineering projects in electronics development, which implies a complex business area, B2B market and a long-term sales cycle. IM Action was to thoroughly study each service and grasp the specifics of the industry. After the campaigns creation and setup, we took the project under personal management. IM Action PPC specialist shared valuable experience with us, covering campaigns setup specifics and performance monitoring. With the expertise we gained from IM Action specialist, we are running the project effectively. In terms of our project, IM Action team has successfully met the challenges.

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