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Business challenges

The ultimate goal of this project was generation of high-quality leads (requests for services eventually turning into projects) though the client’s website.

Our partnership with WaveOC started at the stage when the client was developing a new website. This is why our primary goal at that point was to help the client create a kind of website that would attract potential customers – and help them get to the website in the first place.

  • Development of prototypes of the website’s main page and landing pages
  • Creating copy and video content
  • Attracting targeted traffic and its conversion to leads

Our solutions

  • Website pages prototyping

    We closely researched and analyzed competitors’ websites and discovered their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the outcomes, we developed prototypes of the main page and landing pages. Together with the client, we did our best to make the website stand out from the competition. At the same time, we tried to give an individual touch to the website copy, look and feel to make it appealing to the target audience.

  • Multimedia content

    While developing the website’s content, we focused on three main areas: relevant and highly appealing copy across the website pages, regularly updated blog, creating video content. All the content was written in English by our content managers. The final result was greatly praised by the client.

    As for the videos, we took care of scenarios and scripts, and handed the production over to our partners.

  • Paid traffic

    At first, we planned to implement both paid search campaigns and SEO promotion. However, paid traffic proved to be so effective, that the client decided to postpone link building activities. Thus, the budget was reallocated to put more effort into paid traffic, which started to generate leads from the very beginning.


We are pleased to note that the results exceeded the initial expectations. At the moment of creating this case for our portfolio, all the work on the project except the blog updates are put on pause, because the client received the amount of leads to keep 100% of the staff busy and is growing its team to accommodate new projects.


Leads compared to initial estimates


Conversions in the first 4 days




Average conversion price lower by

Project conversation

Polina Dokutchits

Account Manager, IM Action

Our client operates in a comparatively narrow niche, that is why we expected that the number of leads generated would be rather low at first. But well-coordinated teamwork, clear understanding of the client’s needs and the right setup of targeting allowed us to exceed the amount of conversions planned for the first month 2.4 times while keeping the conversion price 5.4 lower. We focused on quality content marketing for the main pages of the website and blog. And this is what we believe positively affected users’ trust to the website and to the expertise of the company on the whole.

Valery Lebedz

President at WaveOC

We've started our partnership with IM Action from a very straightforward yet challenging request: we needed leads from our website. Our niche is quite structured and we were a relatively new player in it, therefore we needed strong professional support to reach our goals and help us grow our business. IM Action offered a step-by-step project approach resulting in getting quality prospects which converted into contracts - exactly the result we wanted.

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