Understanding your business

Being strategic means being strong enough to stand competition, smart enough to do it right up to your goals and wise enough to take balanced and powerful actions as your tactics. We are ready to assist you on this way and employ our professional online marketing expertise to your benefit - we see the knowledge of various digital channels as our competitive edge and your powerful asset.

Initial research

Few people understand your business better than you do, so here we need your attention to our initial questions and inquiries. Through proactive communication we gather information about your objectives, challenges, legacy online position in the market as well as products/services priorities, target audience, competitors and current online marketing strategies in use. Concurrently, our understanding how your prospects see you online helps us collect data about your current digital business presence from public online sources.

Niche research

Learning from your competitors is a necessary step in the strategy development process. We study and analyse your business niche and identify your direct online competition. Our marketers run detailed competitive analysis to determine their weak points, strengths and online strategies in use.


Based on your business objectives and research data we identify viable areas for differentiation and develop a distinctive online positioning concept. For further goals evaluation and precise targeting we set priorities on your range of products/services, divide a broad target market into subsets with common needs and advise on channels to use for proper audience reach.

What do you get?

We provide you with a definitive and measurable strategic roadmap plan that meets your business objectives and KPIs. With our 360-degree approach we spot unique opportunities across marketing channels and provide integrated custom-tailored Internet marketing strategies adapted to your market niche.

Strategy crafting & budgeting
  • Goals evaluation

    With a clear picture of your business needs and market niche we make sure that we formed the online campaigns goals fully in line with your real business objectives. Then we create a clear project roadmap and mark important milestones, where we will report to you on campaigns progress.

  • Marketing channels selection

    Your goals drive the rest of the process. Based on them we recommend you what channels to use and how to apply them in the most cost-effective way.

    We start with establishing and prioritising your business objectives and getting a deep understanding of target users, providing insights into their needs and motivations. Taking into account your budget and time constraints, our digital experts assess the effect of each marketing channel and put the right marketing mix for tactics that deliver most returns to your business.

  • Campaign budget allocation

    We provide a detailed estimate on the required marketing budget for the chosen strategy. To make it as transparent as possible we state the budget for each marketing channel involved in strategy as well as the cost of our services.

  • Measurement dashboard creation

    Together with you we establish a set of metrics and KPIs to understand the effectiveness of each marketing activity we plan to undertake. We keep you informed and updated at all project stages. With KPIs tracking system you will be able to monitor our team activities and have a full control over the campaign route.

Let’s talk!

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