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We offer smart & effective management of your pay-per-click advertising budget to bring targeted traffic and conversions to your website. With a solid skill set and practically gained knowledge of PPC techniques, we help you achieve your paid search objectives in the most cost-effective way. Our full-cycle PPC services include strategic consulting, campaigns setup, ongoing campaigns optimization & management, detailed reporting & analysis.

Paid search

We offer a sophisticated approach to paid search management to fit your business goals and budget. We continually monitor and analyse your campaigns to maximize ads performance and ensure you get quality traffic at the best cost possible. Your PPC accounts will be linked to Google Analytics so we can take fully informed decisions on your campaigns adjustment. We professionally manage any size of PPC budgets across various geographic markets and build campaigns in English, German and Russian languages.

Paid social

We professionally set up and manage PPC campaigns in social media channels for your business. We have profound expertise in paid social ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. With flexible options to search out audience demographics and geography, our team precisely defines and targets your business prospects across social media. We set KPIs, create a paid social strategy for each channel, monitor the response and make sure that CPAs data are matching ROI targets.

About retargeting

We provide retargeting as a part of our SEA services to boost your marketing efforts across all web channels. We help you reconnect with the most valuable prospects for your business and drive them deeper on their way to conversion. We create custom banner retargeting ads in close collaboration with your team. Once approved, we distribute your ads across Google Display Network (online display advertising) and encourage recurring visitors to convert on their second visit to your website. With remarketing services our main focus is to set on driving conversions. Retargeting services also improve your brand recognition and customer loyalty on the way.

Pay-per-click campaigns process
  • Account structure scoping

    We analyse your website, discover your expectations from the PPC campaign and your current marketing goals. Based on this information we define the final campaigns scale and a required set of ad groups.

  • Keywords research

    Applying our knowledge, experience and processes we are looking for the best way to fit your business into a current digital landscape. We craft IM strategy according to your goals and objectives taking into account Russian market specifics.

  • Ads creation

    We craft straightforward and highly-targeted ads that are consistent with your product/service positioning and your marketing goals. We fit your business message into AdWords ads formats and make sure that the ads are descriptive, attractive, relevant and encouraging for further actions.

  • Campaigns management & monitoring

    Once the ads are ready and campaigns are launched, we continuously monitor your account activity and optimize campaigns to increase conversions and lower CPC rate. With the help of Google Analytics we test various keyword groups and single out those keywords and bids that need reconsideration and certain adjustments.

  • Conversion tracking & reporting

    With Google Analytics platform we track campaigns results and provide regular reports with traffic performance insights. We provide expert data analysis so that you have a clear picture of your campaign performance.

Let’s talk!

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