Insights. Trends. Decisions. Your web data has it all.

With well-established web analytics framework, we create a powerful data driven culture that serves you as a waymark in your business decisions. We help you gain deeper insights into your reach across digital channels, and identify high performing segments and audiences. 

Google analytics setup

We offer professional help in setting up your Google Analytics account. Our GAIQ holders help you install the system into your website code and leverage opportunities that GA offers. We make sure that you analytics is properly configure from the beginning. We connect your account with AdWords and Webmaster Tools to give you a more holistic view of your digital activities.

Custom report system

We know how to build powerful reporting system in Google Analytics that is meaningful to you and goes beyond traffic statistics. Based on your business objectives and selected KPIs, we create custom dashboards for your business. We combine metrics and dimensions in ways that enable us to get deep insights into your website performance and take balanced decisions.

Google analytics at your service

We offer professional web analytics services via Google Analytics. We concentrate on things that matter to your business and use GA as a toolkit to better understand how your business goals are met with your website audience behavior. IM Action GAIQ certified specialists make sure you favor from the broad GA functionality. From audience targeting to effective budget allocation our team sets you in the right direction for your marketing activities on the web. We invest our analytical expertise & GA benefits to drive your business forward.

Our web analytics process
  • Defining goals & building KPIs

    Your business has its own unique objectives. We help you define your website goals and transform them into KPIs that GA can measure. We ensure that KPIs system covers your website performance on many levels and provides useful insights to business owners, executive team, and marketers. Our web analysts customize your GA settings in a way that you can review your business relevant metrics in a single convenient analytical framework.

  • Collecting & analyzing accurate data

    We stay objective and honest. We dive into your website data to uncover what is really happening on your website. Our first aim is to identify "obvious" gaps (website bugs and such) and provide actionable recommendations on how to fix them. Then we dig deeper and analyze low converting customer touch points. We put our expert opinion into each data visualization report with trending overviews and comments on what will provide better business outcome.

  • Testing alternatives

    We might not always know the solution but we can find one. We professionally apply a variety of methods and techniques to serve options for website testing (A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing). Our web analysts focus on testing the most significant features that have direct or implied effect on conversions. We measure website metrics throughout to understand what performs best.

  • Implementing & refining

    We make sure that all campaigns adjustments are technically well structured, and supported by web analytics data and your business feedback. We don't stop here. We constantly monitor your website activity and listen to you customers’ voice to recommend timely adjustments to your marketing process.

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