Multiple channels? Cross-channel promotion? Non-standard tasks? We love it.

We have a proven framework in running turn-key integrated marketing projects, guiding businesses from idea planning to project implementation. We possess the art of turning our clients into our partners via sound, business-oriented solutions. 

Relevant expertise and skilled team

We have the privilege of running integrated campaigns for multinational companies with substantial media budgets and branch offices across Europe. No matter where your business operates in the world, we have skills and talent in building integrated campaigns across a variety of industries for several geographic markets. We have strong grasp of marketing consulting and offer powerful integrated marketing services bridging your brand mission across various media channels.

Open approach and clear communication

We offer open and honest business relations. Our pricing model is simple and straightforward. We keep your informed and provide relevant and understandable information on all activities throughout our cooperation. We make large-scale decisions together. We always take your feedback on-board and keep going towards your business goals.

What you get
  • Increased revenue across multiple channels/platforms
  • Broader market reach (visitors from all over the world)
  • Brand promotion for new and unknown businesses
  • Long-term effect of marketing investments
What’s included?
  • Project scope & KPI framework development

    We need to identify your business objectives and budget. So here we expect you to share some of your business insights with us. Once we understand the scale of the project, we build a team with required expertise and move to setting online marketing goals and timelines.

  • SEO/PPC/SMM – channels mix

    We professionally craft a custom-tailored symbiosis of paid and earned digital channels. We create an ideal marketing mix for your IM campaign and offer sophisticated up-to-date tactics to support one another and bring the best out of your business online performance.

  • Start-off phase

    We make sure that with your positioning, overall marketing strategy and selection of primary keywords you can stand up well against your key rivals. Your website will be fully optimized and ready for IM campaign set-off.

  • Pilot phase

    We introduce a pilot phase in every project. We test selected channels and tactics to understand the effectiveness of chosen methods and your business audience response to our online marketing activities. Taking into account valuable insight from the initial stage, we go on with full-scale strategy implementation.

  • Ongoing management and improvements

    Our team knows about effective management of global digital marketing programs. Through continuous website monitoring and thorough expert data analysis, we adjust our IM activities to be in line with your customers’ expectations, as they are the ones who bring business to your business.

Let’s talk!

Integrated projects require time, hard work and serious budgets. We are ready to share all responsibilities with you and turn marketing ideas into real business success. Get in touch with our experts today.