Tangible PPC management for the Russian-speaking audience

Taking into account your business objectives and budget we develop a balanced paid search and display strategy across the most effective PPC advertising platforms. Our expert knowledge of the local market and language specifics is fully backed up with campaigns management experience and fine-tuned skills exercised in the Russian online market.

PPC in Google AdWords

We deliver full-cycle AdWords management services in Russian. Our Google AdWords certified professionals run your campaigns from setup to optimization and management, adapting your business message into optimized and powerful ads. Armed with knowledge of Google AdWords platform and the Russian language specifics we can help you reach your target audience promptly and cost-effectively.

PPC in Yandex Direct

We have been running Yandex search campaigns for long enough to fully grasp all Yandex.Direct platform specifics. As native Russian speakers we have deep insights into both the Russian language semantics and Yandex paid search do’s. We apply our knowledge to get the most out of geo targeting, pricing and bidding for bigger and better paid search results. Learn more about PPC for Yandex Direct.

Paid Campaigns in Social Media

Facebook Ads

We can help you spread your business message to the Russian audience on Facebook. It might not be the largest social media platform in the CIS market, but it has the right audience – young urban professionals. Our PPC specialists create and run your Facebook campaigns all the way through, from the right audience targeting, CPC management and monitoring to ongoing campaign improvement, adjustment and reporting.

Vkontakte Ads

Vkontakte combines features of Facebook, YouTube and Spotify and dominates as a leading social media channel in Russia. With 60 million daily users, it opens up massive opportunities for business promotion through targeted ads and paid posts. We develop a unique strategy to communicate with your target audience via VK segmentation options. Our experts use various posting tactics using 9 Time Zones coverage and optimal posting frequency to your business advantage.

About IM Action PPC Consulting

We offer comprehensive PPC analysis starting with evaluation of your business goals for the Russian market

Our PPC experts & business analysts find optimal options for your campaigns, starting from keyword selection, ads copy and bid management tactics to landing page optimization. Our specialists provide you with a fact-based opinion of what needs to be done and improved to maximize your paid campaign performance. As a result, you receive a detailed and ready-to-apply strategy for paid traffic activities.

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