Get clients from the biggest Russian advertising platform - Yandex.Direct

We offer professional management for paid campaigns in Yandex.Direct, an advertising platform responsible for 2/3 of the Russian online market. We have gained advanced experience while working with various businesses and industries in the local market. We start with a deep understanding of your goals and develop Yandex PPC strategy in line with your current marketing activities.

Russian market expertise

We own proven local market expertise. Your project will be guided by a native Russian speaking PPC manager, web analyst and a dedicated account manager. With our PPC campaigns in Yandex.Direct we help businesses reach prospects and grow revenue in a transparent and responsive manner. We stay in tune with Yandex.Direct advertising platform updates and offer smart & effective PPC budget management.

Bilingual team

Effective advertising on Yandex starts with targeted creatives. With a good command of English and Russian, we know how to create a strong business message that appeals to local consumers. We find the most appropriate placements for your ads taking into account geographic, demographic and thematic targeting specifics.

Why Yandex Direct
  • The largest scope of local audience
  • Excellent understanding of the Russian language semantics
  • Vast opportunities for accurate targeting, including extensive geo targeting
  • Real-time flexible campaign modification options
  • Variable CPC and bidding strategies
Our process
  • Goals & niche analysis

    Your business objectives are our ultimate focus during the campaign setup and management stages. We analyse your direct competitors and their PPC strategies in Yandex. It is important to understand their approach so that we can determine the most cost-effective way to compete in your business niche.

  • Strategy development & account set up

    Once we grasp the market and know your budget, we set up your Yandex.Direct account and move to the keyword selection stage. We target commercially viable keywords and craft creative personalized ads. We make sure your landing pages deliver the right business message and encourage your prospect to take the desired action.

  • Campaign management with hands-on traffic analytics

    With ads groups and landing pages ready we start your PPC campaign. Yandex Metrica web analytics tool helps us test ads groups and distinguish the most effective keywords in terms of conversions and CPC rates. With the analysis of users’ behavioural patterns available in Yandex Metrica, we can adjust your landing pages up to your audience expectations and better conversion.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Here we reflect the dynamics of your PPC campaign. Our reports are straightforward and coherent. With an expert view and personalized recommendations on website improvements and special offer placements, we can go beyond merely reporting the numbers and maximize the conversion potential.


Let’s talk!

Contact us today to discuss your business objectives and we’ll find the optimal paid traffic solution for your needs in the Russian market.